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Want To Know How To Download Music From The Internet?

Free Online Music Downloads

The internet is full of websites on which you can download free music.  On this site we’ll try to gather all of those websites so you can easily start to get your free music downloads. If you have other websites or methods to get free music downloads from the internet? Please let us know.

Next to websites for free music downloads we also write about software that you can use to get your free music downloads. Until now tutorials have been added on a couple of programs that you can use for music downloads.

In recent years free music downloads are getting less popular because of the growing market for music streaming. Of course we also write about websites and software that can be used for free music streaming. More interesting is that a couple of programs for music streaming also offer free music downloads. A win-win situation for people who want to stream and download free music online.

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New Streaming Music service by Apple: Apple Music

Apple Music finally here.

After months of waiting Apple finally introduced it’s own streaming music service. The highly anticipated product is called Apple Music and will be available in almost 100 countries worldwide by the end of this month. Music streaming will cost $9.99 month with a family discount package costing $14,99 a month.

Apple Music is a direct competitor for other streaming services. In the USA Spotify, Pandora and Napster might suffer the consequences. In Europe Spotify and Deezer are currently the biggest players in streaming music which are under attack by Apple now. None of the competitors of Apple Music seem to fear the new streaming music service.

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Bittorrent websites suffer from Google algorithm changes

Google downranks website which link to illegal free music downloads.

Last week Google announced new anti-piracy measures which made it harder to find torrent files for free music downloads using their search engine. A lot of popular torrent-websites were ranked lower for search-queries which involved illegal downloads for music, movies and tv-series.

This week the first results kicked in: a lot of populair download-websites noticed huge drops in traffic from Google search. On the contrary smaller bittorrent download websites benefitted from the algorithm changes: their pages with torrents for free music downloads were ranked higher.

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New Tutorial: How to Download Free Music on Apple Mac from Usenet?

How to download free music on Mac?

Usenet is one the best places to look for free music downloads. For Windows based computers software for free Usenet music downloads can easily be found online. If you are the owner of an Apple Mac downloading music from Usenet might be a bit harder: there are only a couple of programs capable of getting a free music download from a binary newsgroup.

Today we published a new tutorial on freemusicdownload.nu. In this tutorial you can read how to use NZBvortex for free music downloads from Usenet on Apple Mac computers and laptops. The tutorials covers the place where NZBvortex can be found, how you have to install and set-up the software and how to use NZBvortex for free music downloads from usenet.

Next to that the tutorial also covers a couple of alternatives for NZBvortex on Apple Mac and a very simple and straightforward way to find and download NZB files for music downloads from Usenet. Interested in our new tutorial? Please read it here.

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SoundCloud Allows Universal to Directly Remove Illegal Music Downloads

SoundCloud hosts lot of free illegal music downloads according to major labels.

SoundCloud is one of the best and most popular website to share free music downloads. Independant artists and DJ’s use the SoundCloud website frequently to share their music and shows for free promotion and to please their fans.

Unfortunately record companies and major labels are keeping a close watch on the music that is shared on SoundCloud; if they spot illegal music downloads they can file a takedown request with SoundCloud. If the reported music is indeed a violating copyright SoundCloud removes the download.

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Free Music Downloads from Usenet with Newsleecher Software

Newsleecher Logo

Usenet still is one of the best places for free music downloads: lots of music in different genres, high speed music downloads without limitations (depending on your usenet-plan and ISP) and mp3 files in high quality. The only two things you need for hassle-free and fast music downloads from Usenet are both a proper usenet provider and reliable software.

Quality payservers for music downloads from usenet can be found with Google. We at freemusicdownload.nu are big fans of Giganews, one of the oldest usenet providers online. One the best programs for music downloads from Usenet, according to our experience, is the Newsleecher software.

If you are looking for the best software to download free music from Usenet please try Newsleecher. If you are looking for more info on Newsleecher, read our post about Newsleecher.

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Grooveshark Tutorial: How to Stream Music For Free on iPhone and iPad

Free Music Downloads Grooveshark - iPhone iPad & Android.

Grooveshark is one of the biggest websites for free music found online. On Grooveshark over 15 million tracks can be found. The best news is: all of the music found on Grooveshark can be streamed for free on both computers (desktops and laptops) and mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Grooveshark can be used for free music streaming on iPhone, iPad and computers. If you are looking for free music downloads Grooveshark is right for you. Luckily there are ways to use Grooveshark as a source for free music downloads. Using Grooveshark for free music downloads is considered illegal in a couple of countries. We do not encourage you to use software or download-websites for free music downloads from Grooveshark.

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Blubster Software for Free Music Downloads Declared Legal by Court

Blubster was declared legal: new version of download software available.

The battle between the creator of software for free music downloads and a couple of record labels has ended with a staggering defeat for the labels. The creator of the software, better known as the Spanish Napster, informed Torrentfreak with that news.

He also told the torrent-website that he will put more effort in developing the software now that the record labels are of his back. He also instantly released a new version of his download software for music that is driven by Bittorrent-technology.

The Battle between the Napster-like software and a couple of major labels started in 2008. In that year EMI, Sony, Warner, Universal and other labels sued MP2P Technologies. That company, founded by Pablo Soto, developed Blubster. With the Blubster software it was, and still is, possible to easily share and download free music files.

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How To Download Free Music on Usenet With SABnzbD

How to download full albums for free from Usenet?

Last week you we published a how-to on free music downloads from usenet. In that tutorial we only covered downloading single mp3 files from binary newsgroups using the Xnews software.

Because usenet is also used to share full albums, which you can download for free, we deciced to add another tutorial on freemusicdownload.nu in which you can read how you can use the SABnzbD software for free full-album music downloads.

Music downloads from Usenet are not always free of charge: to get the most out of binary usenet downloads you should sign up for a pay-server for Usenet access. Payservers offer better speeds, SSL (secure access) and of course much more content. In our previous tutorial on free music downloads from usenet we advised you to sign-up with Giganews.

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Ripping CD and DVD legal in UK this summer


Consumers in the UK will face a big change in copyright laws. And this time things might changing for the better: The UK government will legalise the rippping of CD and DVD for personal use. Next to the legislation of ripping music cd and dvd the new law also broadens other forms of fair use. The new law means at least one thing for people who download music now: you can legally rip your cd to make mp3 files for use on your smartphone, tablet or mp3-player or as a backup in case you lose the original cd.

Currently the use of software to make mp3 files for cd’s you own is illegal in the UK. This means it is currently not legal to make backup copies for cd’s, dvd’s and other media. For most consumers this doesn’t make any sense. And because of that the UK government decided to change the law and legalise the use of software to make mp3 files and to rip dvd.

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Free Music Downloads on Usenet

Giganews is one of the best providers for music downloads through Usenet.

Usenet is one of the oldest protocols for communication through wired networks. According to Wikipedia Usenet is even older than the world-wide-web, the standard on which internet is build. In recent years Usenet has grown popular among people who are looking for free full album music downloads.

The number of music that can be downloaded through Usenet is enormous. The only two things you need for free music downloads via Usenet are a decent Usenet provider to facilitate music downloads and reliable software to process your downloads.

In this short tutorial on free music downloading through Usenet we will cover both aspects. Finally we will tell you how you can make life more easy for yourself by downloading on usenet with NZB files and a software to process those files. Want to download free music with Usenet? Start reading our new tutorial now!

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