Tubidy: Free Music Downloads on Smartphone or Tablet

If you have an Android based smartphone and want to download free music you should try Tubidy. In contrary to what you might think Tubidy isn’t an application for smartphones: Tubidy is a very easy to use website which can be used to download free music to all Android based smartphones and tablets.

Tubidy uses streaming video websites all over the world. After selecting the music you want to download Tubidy converts the video-stream to a music file you can play and listen to on your smartphone or tablet. The best feature of Tubidy is that it does so completely free of charge.

Next to that you can choose in which quality you want to download your favorite music. When you are online using your mobile plan (e.g. you are online through 3g or 4g internet) you can download free music in lower quality to save on bandwidth. When you are online using wifi (wireless internet) you can download high quality mp3 or mp4 music files to have a better listening experience.

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Want Free Music on Your iPad or iPhone?


If you want to know how to get free music on your iPhone or iPad we have news for you: yesterday a new tutorial was added on freemusicdownload.nu in which you can read how to add free music on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Not only covers the tutorial how to add your free music downloads from your computer onto your iPad or iPhone with special software. We will also learn you how to add music download applications to your Apple iPhone or iPad so you download free music directly to your Apple device.

I want free music on my Apple iPad or iPhone, bring me to your tutorial!

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Having Troubles Downloading Music With Bittorrent Software?


Are you having troubles downloading free music with Bittorren technology? There might be a good reason for it: two of the largest trackers for Bittorrent downloads have been down for a couple of days now. And to make thing even worse: both trackers might be down for the week to come.

Luckily things will change for the better once the trackers are back online. The owners are updating the hardware of both trackers to make them work even faster. The trackers, OpenBittorrent and PublicBitTorrent, had to be updated to be able to keep up with the billions of requests they receive daily. If you want to download music for free with Bittorrent you might not notice the downtime, only bittorrent downloads through a proxy might be a problem.

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First Tutorial Added: Free Music Downloads with Bittorrent

uTorrent is one of the clients for free music downloads throught Bittorrent.

If you want to know how download music using Bittorent you should give our Bittorrent Tutorial an extensive read. We will learn you how Bittorrent works and how to use Bittorrent for free music downloads.

I’m convinced, bring me to your Bittorrent tutorial!

We conclude the tutorial on free music downloads with on the best programs for Bittorrent downloads. If you want to know were to find uTorrent and how to install and use it, please read our tutorial. If you want to download free music with Bittorrent: try our tutorial!

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Want To Know How To Download Music From The Internet?

Free Online Music Downloads

The internet is full of websites on which you can download free music. ¬†On this site we’ll try to gather all of those websites so you can easily start to get your free music downloads. If you have other websites or methods to get free music downloads from the internet? Please let us know.

Next to websites for free music downloads we also write about software that you can use to get your free music downloads. Until now tutorials have been added on a couple of programs that you can use for music downloads.

In recent years free music downloads are getting less popular because of the growing market for music streaming. Of course we also write about websites and software that can be used for free music streaming. More interesting is that a couple of programs for music streaming also offer free music downloads. A win-win situation for people who want to stream and download free music online.

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